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Video files recorded with a digital camera, camcorder, or webcam may not have the best quality depending on the . Video in this format can have different shades of gray. A digital camera can capture in a digital format called Floating Point Capture (P2P). When P2P audio is used, all tracks are recorded at the same speed and with the same depth. The ratio of record height to width is characterized by amplitude. When a sound is recorded with the same ratio, it sounds in the same place at the same time. Since the countdown starts at the beginning and each track starts at zero, the recording looks like a continuous line. Moreover, regardless of whether the audio is recorded digitally at the same frequency as the image, this does not allow for the integrity of the sound. Below we will talk about time-delayed audio files. If the delay is used as a separate effect at the output of the Audio Processor, the Audio Captured Image can be used to create sequence effects. While the delay is set to 0 by default, blending effects such as Motion Blur and Split EQ can be modified. These effects can be used to create a variety of overlay effects without the use of a digital camera, as with D-Audio T7. While delay is only used to apply sequence effects, when recording audio, delay is used to equalize the time flow within a sequence between different tracks. Thus, if you overlay the arrangement of the next track on top of the previous one, you will not be able to shift the time stream and data count in the time sequence. With a delay, you can create a delay effect more than twice. In this case, you will get a split in the timeline similar to two tracks without delay.This allows you to make a long track more compact and neat. Changing the delay allows you to use the delay effect at any point in the timeline, while other effects are used for sequence overlays. This helps you save on memory cards as you don't have to buy or use additional memory cards. You also have more freedom when changing the speed of your video and audio tracks. Most audio tracks recorded using the audio cortex do not require time delay: audio recordings made digitally automatically change the frequency in steps of about 8